Food and Drink

Quality local food and drink is a critically important part of the South of Scotland’s visitor experience. As such, food and drink is one of the priorities in the Responsible Tourism Strategy, appearing in the strategic objective “Develop the visitor experience with a focus of quality”.  Agritourism and Food & Drink is recognised as one of the region’s Growth and Development Hubs where we will build our reputation as a leading destination with outstanding local products.

We know from engagement with industry that food and drink is also a high priority within travel media, trade press and social influencers.

Larder of the Lowlands

In March Regional Food Groups and Ambassadors from Lanarkshire, East Lothian, Ayrshire & Arran, Dumfries & Galloway and the Scottish Borders joined forces to create an event to showcase the best the area had to offer to buyers from the retail sector, wholesalers and the food service industry.

Produce include everything from honey, beer, chocolate, cheese and meat of all varieties through to fish, gin, pickles and so much more highlighting the exceptional produce in the South of Scotland. SSDA attended and sponsored the event. 

We need to talk about Food – SB Abundant Borders

SSDA are working with Abundant Borders, the NHS and Scottish Border Council in their work to develop a Regional Food Plan, specifically looking at the impact and opportunity that Agritourism, Local Produce and Hospitality provide.



Scotland Food and Drink, Regional Food Fund

We are incredibly grateful to Scotland Food and Drink for awarding SSDA with a £5K grant from the Regional Food Fund.

  • We held two food and drink Writers Guild Tours with a total of 15 attendees, one in Dumfries & Galloway and one in the Scottish Borders
  • We sent out a press release  to promote the initiative.
  • Coverage in the Scotsman, leading with The Ethical Dairy and mention of all participating businesses at the end.
  • Daily Record
  • The Coverage Book, this gives a breakdown of any press and social media activity, which updates as any new coverage comes in.

We are now developing individual blog posts using the copy and images for you to appear on Scotland Starts Here.  These will be published at short intervals over the next few months so we can extend the coverage and develop the story around Food & Drink in the region.  These will be accompanied by a social media campaign.

We have already incorporated some of the images into our seasonal campaigns and you’ll see these images appearing on other pages of the website.  In addition to this I will add some images to the SSDA Media Hub so that other businesses have opportunity to use them.