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With a rise in the number of motorhomes coming to Dumfries and Galloway, there has been an increased interest in the provision of continental style motorhome stopovers or “Aires”. Dumfries and Galloway Council recognises the demand from motorhome owners for small, simple and low-cost opportunities for short stopovers and are working with SSDA to promote such offers by local

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You can create a Stopover for up to three motorhomes without any need for planning permission or a licence. This temporary relaxation of planning control will continually be kept under review and in the first instance will remain in place until 31 December 2021 or the requirements for physical distancing have been removed.

The cost for registration is £30 per stopover registration.

Information on what should be provided for a motorhome stopover can be found on the Dumfries & Galloway Council website at:

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The cost will be £30 per stopover registration.
Motorhome Stopover Registration Fee

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