Sole Trader Suppliers in the South of Scotland

Local South of Scotland based suppliers – Sole Traders (£5 pcm. No charge until June 2021)

The specific benefits for businesses opting to join SSDA directly are:

Suppliers can be from (but not limited to) the list below; 

  • Marketing, PR, research, and design agencies
  • Entertainment and promotional agencies
  • Financial legal and insurance companies
  • Training and recruitment
  • Photographers
  • Computer/IT services and printers
  • Caterers, food and drink suppliers
  • Food, Drink Producers and Makers and Creators (Artisan)
  • Cleaning services
  • Transport operators
  • Accommodation booking agencies

National suppliers are invited to contact us to agree an individually tailored patron package.

Suppliers will receive various benefits including:

  • A listing in our supplier directory to encourage and enhance the local supply chain – Supporting a sustainable supply climate that will secure more local contracts for your business.
  • Opportunity to access our members via our communication channels (e.g. B2B newsletters, local business events, roadshows, and workshops) – Raising the exposure and awareness of what your business can offer within a relevant and receptive platform.
  • Opportunity to make member specific offers and provide discounts – Effectively market your offering through targeted incentivisation of key prospects.
  • Opportunity to have a presence and provide sponsorship at events – Focused exposure to effectively engage with relevant and receptive customers.