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Email: yvonne@ssdalliance.com

Travel Trade Specialist

Yvonne Wagoun

I am  a senior Tourism Manager and Business Development professional with over 25 years experience in all areas of UK inbound tour operation. Having worked throughout my career with some of the big names such as Hotelbeds (part of TUI Travel) and Rabbie’s Small Group Tours I have gained a track record of helping turn good businesses into great businesses.  I believe that customer loyalty is the key to any good business practice, integrity and professional respect will lead to customers following your every step.

I now share my experience, insights, and strong travel trade connections through my own consultancy business - White Stag Tourism. I help businesses to identify opportunities for revenue and growth, based on strategic insights and work with tour operators, tourist service suppliers and the public sector, assisting with product development, internationalisation, training, sales strategies and especially travel trade collaboration.  I have been part of the MBTAG team since early 2019 and I am delighted to see the first signs of traction within the travel trade, the first shoots of expansion into the region where Scotland Starts.

I am excited to be working with the newly formed SSDA, to make the best of the opportunities a larger region including Dumfries & Galloway presents and to finally put the South of Scotland firmly on the map.