Events are vital to tourism

From ancient festivals celebrated  East to West throughout the summer to modern fresh creative events we have it all. Events bring in new and returning visitors alike and we are here to amplify your events and highlight the vibrancy of the region.

Listing your event on Scotland Starts Here is FREE and all we need is you to a simple form. 


Listing Guidelines

To be included, events should appeal to visitors coming to your part of the South of Scotland. 

Please refer to our approval guidelines below, these are examples of what we will NOT list:

  • Events which are a permanent fixture within a venue, i.e. permanent exhibitions
  • Community-targeted activities e.g. quiz nights, car boot sales, MPs surgeries, coffee mornings, badminton, yoga, public swimming and zumba classes, etc.
  • Baby and parent groups/seniors' activities
  • Workshops, courses, summer camps or classes which last for more than one day or happen on a regular basis
  • Certain types of courses e.g. IT workshops, literacy classes, health & safety workshops, specialist classes
  • Guided tours around exhibitions or venues
  • Band nights – (one off music events will be considered)
  • Signings and product launches
  • Non-spectator sporting events
  • Film screenings (unless for a specific event or unique drive-in sessions for eg)
  • Opening nights for exhibitions etc.
  • Regular comedy/music etc. nights
  • Events of a political nature
  • Non-consumer events, e.g. industry conferences or events
  • Day Trips and tours