New SSDA Members Portal: Please activate your sheepApp account

New Membership System

On 2nd July 2024 the SSDA moved to a new member portal called ‘sheepApp’.  This new system will allow members to manage the information held by the SSDA, as well as offer a number of new functions in the future, such as member communications and event booking (more information on this to follow).  This new system has been designed to help businesses get the most out of their SSDA membership.

At present, the ‘sheepApp’ system is just about the business information held by the SSDA, not public information for consumers which appears on the ‘Scotland Starts Here’ website – please continue to use your existing MyWhereverly login for this.

We ask all members to login to the new sheepApp portal to:

  • activate their account

  • check their details are correct

  • familiarise themselves with this new system


First Time Log In

Logging into the system for the first time you will need to register, the system will automatically send a verification email with a code which needs to be entered before you can set a password and activate the account.

The email address you use to log in for the first time, if not known, will create a new record for you as an individual.

If you log in with an email we already have on file it will connect you straight to the information we hold on file and you can amend or update as needed.

If you remember it, please use the same email address you have used previously to register with SSDA. If you can't remember the email you used, as above, use a new email and if there is no information on the file and you know you have had a previous account, tell us and we will put the information together for you.

You cannot change the email address you use to register your sheepApp account. You must contact us to change the email on your Sheep CRM contact.

If you have logged into the SSDA members area previously you might notice a different URL (address in your search bar) this is normal, Your browser may also change the tab to the logo and name, again this is normal, the system we are using is called Sheep CRM.  



You are still on the SSDA website, SheepCRM is integrated into it, which allows us to bring you many more benefits. The first time you log in you are creating a sheepApp account 

Activation of your account

When you log in for the first time, you will automatically get sent a verification email with a code which needs to be entered before you can set a password and activate your account.

If for any reason you do not receive the email (check your spam) then contact us and we can tell you what the code is.


sheepApp user account passwords are one-way encrypted. This means that it’s completely in control of you the user, please make a note of your password. Neither the SSDA nor the sheepCRM team are able to see or retrieve your password because of the encryption the system uses, if you forget you will need to request a new password.

Existing sheepApp accounts with another organisation.

If you have a user account with Sheep CRM for another organisation, you already have a Sheep Account. This account can be used to register and log into the account you will hold on the SSDA site. But no data is shared between your SSDA Sheep account and another Sheep account. So for eg, changing your address in one account will NOT change it in another.