Galloway Glens Winter Programme launches

This week sees the launch of the Galloway Glens Winter Programme, a series of eight events covering everything from Geese to Romans, with everything in between… Join us, and a range of partners, to bring the stories of the Ken/Dee valley to life.

Four of the eight events are delivered in ‘hybrid’ format, with attendees welcomed in person and online, with others either online or in person only. All events are free to attend, with tickets booked by searching for ‘Galloway Glens’. All events are 7.30-9pm

Geese and avian flu are the topic of one discussion during the winter programme.

Event programme 22-23

Full event information is on the Eventbrite pages (click on event name to go to booking page) but headline info is:

· 02 November – Place Names of Galloway. Professor Thomas Clancy and others gives an update on current thinking of Galloway Place Names. Can we ever be certain about their origin? Hybrid Event, in the Dark Space Planetarium or online.

· 16 November – A Smolt’s Tale; Dams & Tides. Galloway Fisheries Trust bring us up to speed on what we know and don’t know about migrating Atlantic salmon. Online event.

· 23 November. Tourists or Conquerors: Romans in SW Scotland. How extensive was Roman settlement in this region, and what was the impact on the people and landscape? Online event.

· 07 December. The Clearances in Southern Scotland + The future of our land. Sir Tom Devine will talk about the Southern Clearances, which have their own story in the national context. The Scottish Land Commission will give a snapshot of land challenges today and how we can take part in the discussion. Online Event.

· 11 January. The Less Fashionable Goose, and Migrant Challenges. We are still learning about Geese and their fascinating life cycle, but avian Flu is ripping through global populations – are we not helping? Hybrid Event, in the Balmaclellan Smiddy or online.

· 25 January. They Live Amongst Us – Mammals in Galloway. They are usually out of sight but this event makes sure they are not out of mind… Mammals in Galloway and why we shouldn’t overlook the ‘beastie’s. Hybrid Event, in the Balmaclellan Smiddy or online.

· 08 February. Riverwoods: Do Fish really grow on trees… A screening of the ‘Riverwoods’ film which is taking the world by storm, followed by a panel and audience discussion about where we go from here. Film showing & discussion at CatStrand.

· 22 February. The Future of Woodlands in Dumfries & Galloway. How has tree cover changed through the centuries and how can this help us plan future tree cover in the region? Hybrid Event, in the Balmaclellan Smiddy or online.

Learn about our knowledge of the habits of Atlantic salmon.

Looking ahead at the programme, Galloway Glens Team Leader McNabb Laurie said:

“Wow. An awesome collection of events. Many thanks in advance for everyone being so game and up for taking part. These events – all free to attend – continue our efforts to lift the lid on what we do and don’t know about Galloway. This is only possible due to support from partners and funders.”

Galloway Glens supporters

The Galloway Glens Scheme is a five-year initiative of Dumfries & Galloway Council’s Environment Team. The Scheme is supported by a grant from the National Lottery Heritage Fund and a number of partners, including Drax, the owners of the Galloway Hydro Scheme.

Reviewing the programme, Martin McGhie, Drax’s operations and maintenance manager at the Galloway Hydro Scheme, said:

“With the nights starting to draw in, if you are looking for a chance to learn more about this amazing part of the world, do book your free tickets now for these events. From Romans to Geese, with everything in between, the Programme has something for everyone. Drax is delighted to be actively supporting the work of the Galloway Glens team.”

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