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Membership Commitment

In 2020 any business can join SSDA for Free to receive immediate benefits, but more importantly, across the long term with sustainable and substantial benefits. Our minimal monthly subscriptions and the joining fee of £30.00 joining will not start until June 2021. In light of the unprecedented circumstances our industry faces and with SSDA having secured substantial funding we are here to support businesses as best we can by launching our new direct membership scheme now.

• You require to complete this form and commit to gain any of the benefits including being listed on Scotland Starts Here
• We will contact you in May 2021 with details on how to make your monthly membership subscription

Keeping in touch

We would highly encourage you opt in to our newsletter. It is a crucial membership benefit which will ensure you are kept up to date with all information and opportunities.

Please note that this will be the main method of communication along with our SSDA social media channels.

Suppliers can be from (but not limited to) the list below; 

  • Marketing, PR, research, and design agencies
  • Entertainment and promotional agencies
  • Financial legal and insurance companies
  • Training and recruitment
  • Photographers
  • Computer/IT services and printers
  • Caterers, food and drink suppliers
  • Food, Drink Producers and Makers and Creators (Artisan)
  • Cleaning services
  • Transport operators
  • Accommodation booking agencies

National suppliers are invited to contact us to agree an individually tailored patron package.

Suppliers will receive various benefits including:

  • A listing in our supplier directory to encourage and enhance the local supply chain – Supporting a sustainable supply climate that will secure more local contracts for your business.
  • Opportunity to access our members via our communication channels (e.g. B2B newsletters, local business events, roadshows, and workshops) – Raising the exposure and awareness of what your business can offer within a relevant and receptive platform.
  • Opportunity to make member specific offers and provide discounts – Effectively market your offering through targeted incentivisation of key prospects.
  • Opportunity to have a presence and provide sponsorship at events – Focused exposure to effectively engage with relevant and receptive customers.