How well do your neighbours really know your business? Could you be improving the footfall that you receive from local and in-destination word-of-mouth? Or collaborating more effectively with complimentary businesses in your area and in doing so, raise your profile to reach new or pivoted audiences?

SSDA have delivered a series of Product Awareness webinars to help us all get to know each other a little bit better. These are opportunities for our members to tell our tourism colleagues about their business / event or offering.  We feel that it is a vital tool to understand what there is to do and see in the South of Scotland and to encourage collaboration and referrals which in turn will maximise the spend and stay of a visitor in the South if Scotland and work together to drive the South of Scotland to a leading and first-class tourism destination.



Below we have provided you with a library of our members that have presented. 

(Simply select the link, watch the video and should you wish to collaborate or get to know of any these businesses please contact us)


A 5-minute slot enables you to showcase your business and any new developments that you want to promote to the local tourism business community as part of the webinar.  There is no charge to participate as we are keen to see as many of our members learning about each other as possible in order to strengthen our collective resilience and collaboration in addition to promoting and talking to the wider tourism community. Once all slots are filled, we will share and communicate to all other local Tourism businesses to encourage them to join this webinar to hear from you and your business.

As part of the featured panel, you will be included across the pre-event teaser promotion going out to tourism businesses in the South of Scotland to attract attendance. 

Taking advantage of this chance to platform your business profile will help you to keep your business visible and your messaging current, as well as exposing you to potential new and innovative collaborative local partnership and growth opportunities; all of which will help strengthen the foundation of your markets. 


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